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New Online Info Session on May 25th, 2023
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Elizabeth Lo's Stray wins Hot Docs and is acquired by Magnolia

Lo's ('15) debut feature making big waves

Elizabeth Lo's (‘15) debut feature film Stray, premiered at Tribeca this year and went on to win Hot Docs Jury Award for Best International Feature Film.

"The jury was moved by the strong visual storytelling and unique approach in this extraordinary feature debut from filmmaker Elizabeth Lo. Lo has given us a simple outcast story that reveals much more about our own humanity." - Jury Statement

The film was quickly picked up by Magnolia Pictures. Below are excerpts from Hollywood Reporter and Variety reviews of the film:

Hollywood Reporter:

"This affecting debut documentary from Elizabeth Lo does for Istanbul’s dogs what 2017’s Kedi did for the Turkish city’s cats. The earlier film was generally soothing and hopeful — a cinematic valentine — while this one pierces, illuminating, through its central canines’ adventures, the economic and political divisions and cultural hierarchies that define our time."


“The ultimate love letter to dogs and a multifaceted moral inquiry into humanity."

"[A] virtuosic feature documentary debut."

"Placing among the upper ranks of films for dog lovers, ‘Stray' successfully takes this mission to heart, revealing in the process not only the wholesomeness of humans’ four-legged best friends, but also the soulful voice of an exciting new filmmaker with immense moral queries on her mind."

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