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Two Stanford Films at Hot Docs Film Festival

Two Stanford thesis films are playing at Hot Docs this year: ENTITIES WITH KNOWLEDGE by Max Mueller and STILL WATERS by Aurora Brachman
Left: Still from ENTITIES WITH KNOWLEDGE (dir. Max Mueller); Right: Still from STILL WATERS (dir. Aurora Brachman)

At this year's Hot Docs film festival, there will be two Stanford films in the line-up.

Entitles With Knowledge by Max Mueller ('22) and Still Waters by Aurora Brachman ('21). 

Entitles With Knowledge: Returning filmmaker Maxwell Mueller (last year's Strange Bedfellows) documents his attempts to treat his depression and connect to his inner child and nature with the help of psilocybin-assisted therapy. Jumping from personal experiences to those of the mushroom foragers, growers and dealers he meets along the way, this visual stream-of-consciousness goes within and without to show that feeling is healing. (Angie Driscoll)


Still Waters: Through a series of extraordinarily honest and intimate conversations, filmmaker Aurora Brachman examines the intergenerational fallout of the sexual abuse her mother endured as a child. Together, they forge a path forward that offers them a new beginning. (Eileen Arandiga)


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