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Portrait of R.J. Lozada
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R.J. Lozada

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R.J. Lozada (‘15) is an award-winning filmmaker who explores and engages multiple diasporas, and communities in flux. Lozada has worked in varying capacities from film festival programming, documentary production, radio production, and photo editorials. Lozada produces both short and feature-length documentaries--co-producing and co-directing the award-winning short documentary, Mother's Day, featuring the Get on the Bus program, a community shuttle service program that transports families to visit incarcerated family members in prisons throughout California during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Most recently, Lozada directed Reunion ‘99, a personal documentary revisiting his high school in south San Diego, as part of the omnibus film The Paradise We Are Looking For, commissioned and premiered by the Pacific Arts Movement for the 20th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. Lozada has also produced Passing Grounds, a project documenting various sites of death in the United States, of those killed by law enforcement in 2014. Lozada is currently a video producer working with tech and with non-profits, most notably, the Prison University Project. Lozada’s works have exhibited internationally and nationally on New York Times, The Atlantic, Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and others.